Contribute Data

Root Trait Data Contributions

Data collection for FRED is ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future, with the expectation of contributions and updates from the user community.

Published data sources. We encourage researchers to notify us of published data sources that have not yet been incorporated into the continually updated list of FRED data sources. We also welcome submission of Excel files or other organized files where these published data can be more easily obtained compared with manual collection from the published sources. This will facilitate more rapid inclusion of your data and enable us to work through a greater number of overall data sources. 

Unpublished data sources. We are also accepting additional data sources that may include: (1) more detail on published data (e.g., data from individual replicates rather than the published mean), or (2) data that have never been included in a publication (or are not freely available through a published work). However, we are only soliciting data that the contributors are willing to make freely available to the broader scientific community with unrestricted access. We are happy to work with individual researchers to have a Digital Object Identifier assigned to their data set. Contact us for continued conversation off-line.

Data formats. Currently, we are accepting uploads of data sources as pdfs for original publications (we are not accepting images or scans at this time) as well as data organized in Excel, text, and csv files. If the data contributor would find it easier to enter their data into the existing FRED framework, contact us for continued conversation off-line.

Submitting Data Files

Please use the following process to submit data contributions:

  1. Visit the ORNL File Upload System page
  2. Select "Choose File" and locate each file to be uploaded
  3. Click "Upload File(s)" when all files have been chosen
  4. Complete the "Your email address," "Subject," and "additional text" fields appropriately.
    NOTE: enter as the recipient address
  5. Click "Send email"