FRED Updates or Corrections

As with other large databases, we expect that FRED 2.0 will evolve over time. Notify us if you find any issues or mistakes within the database; we will plan to update FRED occasionally to correct these mistakes. In the meantime, we will keep a running list of any mistakes that are found in a table below. Updates that we implemented between FRED 1.0 and FRED 2.0 can be found here

Filename: FRED2_20180518.csv
No. Date Found FRED Trait Name Column IDs Row IDs Citation Description
1 Plant taxonomy_Family_TPL, Plant taxonomy_Order_APW, Plant taxonomy_Group_TPL F01289, F01290, F01291 7397-7400 Ushio M et al. 2015. Functional Ecology 29: 1235-1245. Correct family to Myrtaceae, order to Myrtales, and group to Angiosperms.
2 Plant taxonomy_Family_TPL, Plant taxonomy_Order_APW F01289, F01290 32539, 32540, 32541 Fan P, Guo D. 2010. Oecologia 163:509-515. Correct family to Oleaceae, order to Lamiales.