Data Use Guidelines

FRED Data Use and Intellectual Property Rights – Guiding Principles

We actively encourage the broader scientific community to contribute published and unpublished, past and future, data to FRED.

Here’s the bottom line: When you submit published or unpublished data sources, all persons who contributed to the development of the data set (data contributors) agree that the data will be publicly available through the data portal. Furthermore, all data contributors agree that there is no requirement on either the part of FRED or the persons downloading FRED for analyses (data users) that the data contributors be contacted regarding use of their data. Data users are expected to follow professional scientific norms of citing and referencing inputs to their research. This does not preclude data users from contacting data contributors for purposes of collaboration.

Inclusion of data into FRED

Data use and referencing FRED

Beginning in March 2021, the data in FRED 3.0 were publicly available, with open access, and without charge.

Users are requested to:


Data users are encouraged to use the name and contact information of the data contributors included for each data source if they would like to pursue a collaboration.