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Notice: FRED 1.0 is evolving!

As with other large databases, FRED is evolving! Some small mistakes in the current release of FRED 1.0 (FRED_1_20170217.csv) have been noticed by users. We plan to update FRED occasionally to correct these mistakes. In the meantime, you can find a complete list of the needed corrections here. Please let us know  through the contact page if you notice any mistakes in FRED 1.0, and we will be happy to make these corrections in the next release. Our hope is that with help from you, we can make FRED as accurate and useful as possible to the broader ecological and modeling communities. 

Also, before downloading FRED through the user interface below, you may want to check out our Privacy PolicyFRED respects the privacy of all of our users and we take seriously our responsibility to protect all personal information that we collect.


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